Fruit Quiz - Personality Test

Which fruit are you?

The Fruit Quiz is a popular personality test that over a million people have taken so far. Just answer the questions below to find out what you are!

1. Do you ever buy gifts for your friends (or family) without there being a special occasion?
Yes, I am always buying pressies
Sometimes, when I am in a good mood
No, why should I?
2. Do you make your friends laugh often?
Yes, they are always laughing so much every time I see them
Sometimes, when I am in a good mood
No, I haven't got much of a sense of humour
Maybe I would if I had any
3. Do you prefer to work alone or as a team?
As a team, but I am always the leader
As a team, then I don't get the blame when it goes wrong
On my own, because I hate my other colleagues
On my own, because I feel I work better that way
I don't care
4. Out of these colours which is your favourite?
Can't decide
5. What do you think other people think of you?
They think I am wonderful, the best etc
They think I am ok
They think I am odd
Not really sure to be honest
6. What kind of movies do you like the best out of the ones listed below?
All of them
None of them
7. If you found a wallet with a large amount of money in it whilst walking in a field would you?
Keep it, finders keepers, losers weepers
Take the wallet to the police but take the money
Take the wallet with the money to the police
Don't know

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